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Hi I’m Ella!

My name is Ella Young and this is my health and fitness blog, inside you'll find many great ideas and recommendations based on everything I've learned in this area.

I wish a lot of this information was in front of me when I decided to make a change both with my health and my body and my goal is have all of my best insights in one place for you benefit from.

I’ve been through a lot of transformations especially in the weight department.

I’ve been overweight unhappy, demotivated and sick…

I’ve also been under-weight, demotivated, unhappy and sick…

I’ve felt the highs and ultimate lows of yo-yo dieting…

After 3 years of going around and around jumping on this diet and that fitness plan, I decided to go out and learn this fitness and health “stuff” myself, got hooked and never looked back!

This website is your shortcut.

This website contains everything I’ve learned during my journey so far.

If you’re starting from scratch or have tried multiple times to make real, tangible progress then you’ve found the right place.


What is (TDFB) The Daily Fat Burn?

The Daily Fat Burn is a blog dedicated to everything related to burning body fat which will mostly comprise of "down-in-the-dirt" nutrition and fitness protocols.

But there is more to the fat burn game - a lot of it is mental as well so I'll share a few ideas here as well.

If you follow the advice and give it a real go you will have the opportunity to design a new body that you will be honestly proud of!

What TDFB Is Not - Myth busting TDFB style

Myth: "Eating Fat Makes You Fat"

The Daily Fat Burn subscribes to the low-carb/high-fat philosophy. 

A lot of people have a tough time dealing with the idea of eating fat.

The science proves that food actually sends signals (or instructions) to your body that is, what to do with it.

When you eat sugars (non-fibrous carbohydrates) this triggers an insulin response and instructs your body to start storing energy, those sugars are then stored as glycogen in the muscles and organs and whatever is left gets sent to your fat stores.

Interestingly, fat doesn't send that "let's start storing" instuction. Fat is used in other ways like for hormone production and energy.

The truth is you don't get fat by eating fat, you get by not being able to burn it - once you burn all of the sugars out of your body (fasting is a great way to speed up this process) your body can begin to start burning fat as it's primary source of energy.

Because fat doesn't trigger the storage hormone (insulin) you can eat it and your body will use it as fuel without storing it.

You'll learn more about this throughout my blog.

Myth: "Carbs Are Essential To Good Health"

"Essential" means nutrients that the body cannot make itself. There are essential proteins, and essential fatty acids, but there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

What about brain function the brain runs better on glucose, right? The brain does in fact need glucose, however, it doesn't need much, in fact, your body is a wonderful chemical factory that can actually produce glucose from protein (gluconeogenesis) so there's no need to eat carbohydrates at all.

The problem is that the carbs that are offered to us from grocery stores and food outlets are nothing but processed garbage that our body can't deal with effciently.

Not only that but we're told to eat mutliple times per day - this means we have all of this sugar inside our body leaving our body in constant inflammation which can lead to diabetes and even osteoperosis.

Also, as long as their is an abundance of sugar in the system you will not burn fat, your body will look to burn sugar before dipping into fat reserves.

Myth: "Fat Causes Cardiovascular Disease"

This is not true, in fact, scientists found that a high fat diet not only is effective for weight loss, but also has no connection to heart disease. Along with a high fat diet, it has been shown to increase good cholesterol markers.

Myth: "I Need To Do Cardio"

Not at all. From my own experience and others there is simply no better way to transform your body than resistance training - training with weights.

I will recommend various training approaches that you can use either at the gym or just from home.

Where Should You Begin?

Soon, we'll be opening invites to join the fat burner community - whenever I post a new guide or have information worth sharing I will send it to you via email. I will most likely close this group once it gets to a certain size and make it more private so keep an eye out for it!